Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol Pistol

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Browning Hi-Power 9mm

Manufacture:    Browning

Action : Semi-auto

Caliber: 9mm


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The Browning Hi-Power 9mm is considered by many to be one of John Moses Browning’s crowning achievements. He began the design process in 1923 for a French military contract that required a sidearm of more than 10 rounds. Browning didn’t live to see the completed design, Dieudonne Saive finished it in 1934.

The Hi Power name alludes to the 13-round magazine capacity, almost twice that of contemporary designs such as the Luger or Colt M1911. The pistol is often referred to as an HP (for “Hi-Power” or “High-Power”), GP (for the French term, “Grande Puissance”), BAP (Browning Automatic Pistol), or BHP (Browning High-Power). The terms P-35 and HP-35 are also used, based on the introduction of the pistol in 1935. It is most often called the “Hi Power”, even in Belgium.


Manufacture:    Browning

Action : Semi-auto

Caliber: 9mm

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